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Why do I need a professional voiceover to read my script? Seems like I could just get someone in my office to read it.

As a professional voiceover artist, I have been specifically trained in the art of clarity in communication: emphasizing the client's focus, maintaining engagement, and constantly keeping believability at the top of my focus. There are so many ways a script can fall flat--distractingly poor sound quality, a bland read, or choppy editing. Don't make that mistake! Choose a voice over artist who is professionally trained to provide all these services to make your script soar.


Okay, you've got the voice I want, Hannah. Now what?

Fantastic! First off, you can send me your script at so I can review it. 

Also, be sure to include:

-The mood or the tone of voice you need for the read. Cheerful? Empathetic? Playful? Sassy? Professional and serious? (Sometimes it helps if you can include your client's company motto)

- Is there a time limit for your read? (30 second commercial, for example?)

- Usage rights is a key factor in pricing. Is it a commercial for TV/Radio? Will it be used on a monetized website channel? Used on multiple platforms like a company website AND social media? Internal company usage?

- Guesstimate the deadline for this



- Include a pronunciation guide for any words in the script that might be difficult to pronounce. 


I feel like I need to hear more. Can you send me a sample of my script before booking the whole read?

Absolutely! It is very important to me that we agree on the feel of the project, as well as the pacing. I am happy to provide a custom sample.


Some of my projects have short deadlines. What's your turnaround time?

With a home studio, turnaround time is easily within 24 hours, unless the length of the project demands more editing. We will agree ahead of time of the expected deadline.


How much will the voice over cost?

Script length and usage of the audio are the two main factors that influence cost. I follow the industry standard for project costs and am happy to work with you to find a price that works within your budget.


What if I need revisions once the audio is delivered?

Minor revisions are always free of charge--a word change, pronunciation. If the script undergoes a tone or pace change, or any other revisions that require more than changing a few words, we would need to discuss an additional charge.


How do I pay for the voiceover(s)?

I accept PayPal, Venmo, or I can invoice you directly for payment.


In what format will my audio be delivered?

I will provide you with a high quality WAV file, unless you would like the audio in another file type, such as MP3 or AIFF.


Are you union?

I work independently as a non-union voice talent.

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