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Switching Careers and Finding Your Niche in Voice Over

Sticking it out in a tough job is a lost art. Since pensions became like mystical unicorns, people just aren't seeing the point in sticking around in a job that isn't "doing it" for them. It's rare to find someone who has been at a company for 20+ years. And for me, leaving teaching wasn't that hard of a choice.

I was in a voice broadcasting class in college when my teacher pulled me aside and tried to get me to switch my major. I had been in journalism to start, but a writing teacher had put me in a literal headlock on an elevator once and made me switch to English. I liked that my voice broadcasting professor's style was less aggressive. I remember her telling me I had real talent, I needed to be in voice broadcasting. But I had a lot of other life things happening and didn't take the hint.

Years later, I have joined the voice over community and I finally feel as if I have found my people. We talk about nit-picky audio editing, the nitty-gritty of workflow and pricing, and we drool over tactfully-worded communication with clients. I love talking with clients and getting a feel for their very specific vision. I love to clearly define what I can do to help a business put their best foot forward and make sure the process of hiring VO (voice over talent) is smooth and pleasant.

If you're interested in hiring me as your voice over talent, stick around! It's important to work with someone familiar with the business side as well as the performance side. Let's talk about your current project today!

If you've just started in voice over and you feel these things speak to your heart strings, I hope you will join me in this blog-journey because at heart, I'm still a teacher. I love guiding people with a clear insight into a process. I'm here to help you understand how to navigate the business of voice over, as well as some technical pieces too.

In this blog, we'll talk pricing, contracts, auditioning, audio editing, and if this applies to you how to EXPAND YOUR VOICE OVER BUSINESS. How do you get from THERE? Walk with me and let's talk.

Are you a content creator in search of voice talent for your productions? If so, your search has ended. Take a listen to my conversational demo here and contact me using the button below today to get a free quote and a custom sample.


Hannah Dere is a professional american female voice talent, specializing in commercials, explainer video narrations, elearning, documentaries, and more. Contact Hannah today to book her for your next project.

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