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Vocal Trends and Hiring a Voice with Variety

Yay for the internet, but whoa to all the options, am I right?

Finding a voiceover artist for your particular content can be overwhelming, which is why when you look for an artist, you should definitely consider one with depth, variety, the ability to switch voices with natural finesse. If you are looking for a person with such a professional skill, contact me today! I can tailor my voice to the mood of your project. If you are looking to harness your vocal ability, take a look at my recent notes below on the current trends in the field of voiceover.

So when a script is asking for a "professional voice," it can take some research to know what a modern professional voice sounds like. Currently, the bend in the trend is more "conversationally professional." Someone relatable, but confident. Knowledgeable and helpful, but not cocky. Gone are the days when "professional" sounds more like bland background elevator music.

Likewise, scripts are more likely to request a fun millennial voice as opposed to finding the word "sexy" for a makeup ad, facial cream ad, or chocolate ad. In fact, a "sexy" voice hasn't been in vogue since the 90's. These days there is a slight scratchy roughness to the voice, but still a fun smile. Again, listen to these types of commercials and evaluate the voice.

Every area of voiceover follows trends that ebb and flow, come in vogue, or go out with the season. It's important as an artist in the field, to keep up to date with these trends. Decide which type of products your voice is best suited to promote (for example, there's no way I could voice a truck commercial, but I did provide a lovable dog voice for a national TV ad for PetMeds!).

Interested in hiring Hannah Dere? She creates curated voices for your ad's specific vision. Reach out today at to talk vision!

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